Employer Branding: Making recruitment spark in the digital world

The digital transformation is changing the game not only for businesses, but also for recruitment.

With a new generation taking up the workspace more and more every year, it’s become apparent that some things need to change.

The ability to attract talent and, more importantly, to retain it once it gets on-board is vital for any business that wants to thrive. It is also one of the challenges that businesses are facing when the next best thing is just a click away for the employees.

If you’re part of a recruitment department and you are currently experiencing these challenges, we have good news for you! Join us to discover how to get the power back by better understanding the new digital paradigm and how to make recruitment spark in the digital world!

Format: 3 online webinars via Zoom platform (Zoom covers: video, participants comments & questions, satisfaction survey, interactions online, webinar recording to be distributed to participants)

Audience: Recruiters & Recruitment Leaders.

No. of participants: max. 12/session.

Concept: a series of 3 interactive webinars that cover all you need to know in order to build a strong employer branding foundation and start attracting talent + email support between webinars.

In these 3 interactive webinars, we will cover:

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