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Increasing job competencies, enhancing employees skills & roles, implementing personal development plans – these are common companies needs in their fight for competitiveness and success!

The most common answer to these needs is:TRAINING. External, internal training – local or abroad. Personalized or standard. Expensive or cheap? Depending of the size of the budget. Yearly training calendars or quarterly ones. Experiential training or theoretical/standard one…

Companies are ready to invest, training budgets are now planned in advance. There is a growing market out there, there is an entire army of trainers & consultants ready to serve!

But – do we,  as leaders, as investors in training – do we measure properly the value of our investment post training? How many of us are doing sustaining learning? How many of us are interested to know what kind of training concept are used post training in our business by our employees? With which frequency? How many of us attended the same training classes just to have the opportunity to do follow-up to the concepts delivered in common training sessions?

Most of us expect to have a better trained staff after each investment in training but we all know that training is not a process limited to 2-3 days of classes – this is a continuos process and it is our responsibility as leaders to create the necessary tools which can encourage SUSTAINING LEARNING =>  Continuous learning atmosphere + Training efficiency indicators + The power of personal example.  

Yes, we need more time to check  post training efficiency. We need resources to identify gaps in knowledge. We need leaders open to share their knowledge and to coach. We need employees who should be educated to treat training as an investment in their own development and career and not as something free where you can  dream happily out of the office pressure.

Data articol: 15 February 2008
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