Motivarea non financiară a echipelor

Non financial motivation practices – workshop

Duration: 1 day

Audience: Team-leaders, junior and senior managers, top talent aspiring towards management


All managers and those working towards management know the challenges they have in keeping people motivated when there is no room for salary increases. Our duty as managers is to make sure we follow a checklist of all tools and out of the box approaches that we may have available to retain people longer and still motivated despite being underpaid. You surely wouldn’t like to fall into the major bucket of reasons why people leave a company: their boss. This workshop gives you the opportunity to avoid being that boss.

The course is structured around 4 key pillars critical in non-financial motivation:

  1. Understanding yourself & others: psychological tools and tests that discover your true personality and the different personalities in your teams.
  2. Situational Leadership: learn to juggle with different types of leadership as your context demands.
  3. Non-financial motivation applied: build your own coherent motivation strategy and plan all across your organisation to match your company’s vision and strategy.
  4. Coaching & mentoring: get a quick and minimal guide in developing others.


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