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26 martie 2008, 3 comentarii

The level of investments in Romania, especially in Bucharest have changed the classic way of doing recruitment on the local market.  

Job advertising: if in the past newspaper advertising it was the most common solution for job advertising today most of the companies are using on line advertising in order to publish their openings.  

CV Sourcing: If  in the past companies were full of CVs received via all formal or informal channels and the efforts spent to attract candidates were low or normal, today the balance is changed: the companies are the ones which are looking to attract candidates especially if we are talking about call center/outsourcing industry. Today Employee Referral Programs became a common method to attract new resources. Using social networks, on line networks or specialized websites is a must.Job fairs who were not present on RO market before 1995 now are regular events.The companies are looking more and more to build partnerships with local universities in order to secure future candidates. Internship programs are the new version of the old Romanian Apprenticeship way of training and educating human resources. 

Recruitment techniques:Confronted with high attrition, companies are more careful with the recruitment and selection interview techniques used and more open to invest in recruiters training just to avoid the costs of poor recruitment.Testing motivational fit, technical skills, assessing managerial skills using complex methodology –  are more frequent today than in 2000.The recruitment is done now by trained professionals and not necessarily by employees who used to work as company psychologist. There is a continuous hunt for talents, for technical skills and for long term commitments. You can deal with this environment successfully only if you have a strong recruitment and selection process done by professionals within your company (or outsourced), you managed to preserved a good company image respecting your promises and investing in employee development and their career path, you built a strong network which can easily deliver what you are looking for.  

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Comentarii (3)

  1. Wana spune:

    Amalia, it seems to me that the techniques you mention are already classified as „classic”. Job fairs, online recruitment, internships have been going on a lot in the last 10 years. And they do not stand as key competitive advantages anymore.
    Personally I am a fan of the new aggressive maybe but more open recruitment strategies like The Recruitment Days Microsoft or Adobe have. It great spending one day in the company, having all interviews and meetings scheduled for that particular day, getting in touch with company’s spirit and by the end of the day knowing exactly if you will be part of it or not.
    The old recruitment process, that takes months of a person’s time, having to attend one interview at two-three weeks and often not knowing after three months of recruitment process if it was successful or not, seems to me less efficient.
    So, as far as I can think of, the recruitment in the Romanian Call Centers and Outsourcing Communities (with some few exceptions) is still rigid and rather inefficient, due to the first selection board, that sometimes filters the inappropriate persons. So by the second, third interview managers do not have a relevant selection base anymore.
    Leaving that behind, the bleeding issue in these communities is retaining skilled people. Let’s have a look at the movements lately (HP-Oracle-Ericsson-Microsoft-Freescale). So let’s face it, its not only about bringing people in, it’s more about making them involve and stay with you.

  2. Amalia,

    I found a very good overview in your article of what happened in the last years in IT recruitment. I am also active in this area, with over 10 years of management experience in IT and I can certify that all your statements are correct. i also noticed new techniques brought to the market, for the beginning just in Bucharest but also now spreading in the rest of the country. Things like traineeships and internships, contests etc were not even thought of 6 years ago. The quality of the employee however is decreasing because the labor is limited and the companies in here already feel it and get more and more outside Bucharest. I recently planned an employer branding campaign for recruiting skilled IT professionals, so there’s more coming soon on the techniques side :). In the meanwhile I am looking forward to all these transformations. competition is getting rougher in the employer’s side and this means more care for the individual employee. let’s see what comes next 🙂

  3. Amalia Sterescu spune:

    Hi Loredana,
    Thank you very much for your comments and for sharing your opinion with us. I am more aware now that as employers ,we need a change in our own recruitment and selection patterns and also a more creative approach in keeping our new hires interest. Recruitment teams should get feedback from operations in order to check how their selection results have been validated by reality. On the other hand Operations Managers should be more aware that in a more competitive market we need proactivity and innovation in growing long term partnership with our employees.

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