Speak to inspire

As leaders we lead through the power of our words. Our words have the power to inspire our customers or our teams or can dissatisfy them, our words can really motivate through story telling or can generate employee’s disengagement.

What type of leader do you choose to be?

”Speak to inspire” it is an advanced public speaking training program followed by a 3h internal conference where leaders are going to share their stories to other board members or teams and they will receive feedback and coaching post speech. This is an exercise that can be the beginning of a nice story telling practice inside your company.

Format: 1 training day + 3h “Speak to inspire” conference post training + 1:1 Public speaking coaching pre & post Speak to inspire conference.

Facilitator & Speak to inspire coach: Amalia Sterescu

No. of attendees: max.15

Audience: Top management

Speak to Inspire – Training

1. Speech & event – PREPARATION stages

2. Maximize your presence on stage: Speech delivery

3. Post speech steps

Speak to Inspire – Conference


During session:

Post event:

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