The woman as educator – who is she today?

Women Educators

Today it is all about us – women, mothers, daughters, colleagues, friends. Around the world, different countries have different celebration, but quite a lot of them celebrate the International Women’s Day every year on 8 March.

From a business perspective, we’ve been talking about women in leadership for quite some time now. Thinking about the role of women in history, in society or in the family, I realised there’s actually another role that many of us get to play across all areas of our lives, but we don’t talk enough about it. It’s the woman’s role as educator.

Think about it! For mothers, their role as educators is vital for the development and upbringing of their children. Same for a grandma or aunt, as we already know that the close family circle has a massive impact on children in their early life. Then we have the professors, who shape us during our study years and even later in our life. We are not short in examples of a professor playing an important coaching and guiding role in a pupil’s life, leading him or her to peak successes and achivement of their dreams. Equally as important and impactful is the women’s role as educators as part of their leadership positions. Building and growing a team, helping employees develop and excell requires vision, skills and talent. Luckily, we have plenty of examples of such extraordinary, gifted, visionary women in Romania and across the world. And by the way, the same important role is played by men as well, but let’s keep women in focus for the sake of the celebration today! 😊

But what happens to this role of women today? Where is the woman educator? Where can we find it? Can we still find it? How are we making sure she is empowered to play this role to the best of her abilities and talents?

I found all these questions interesting to reflect on in the context of our super fast, ever changing world. It’s no news to anywone that as humanity, we are facing the constant pressure of ‘more’, ‘faster’, ‘better’, and all of this has an impact on people’s ability to fulfill their potential and be who they could’ve been.

Stop for a moment and think about what would our world be without the women educators, without those who put all of their being in teaching others, thus contributing to their becoming. Now ask yourself how are you empowering them?

We challenge you to say „thank you” to the women educators in your life! Post your message to your social media channel and mention our campaign hashtag My Woman Educator, #IamhereThanksToYou.

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