How your personal brand can shine during pandemic?

Amalia Sterescu \ How your personal brand can shine during pandemic?

Your meetings have moved entirely online, your face to face interactions with your direct boss are limited now and more focused on operational aspects of your role. Your coffee breaks & chatting with team members are replaced now by virtual coffees. Doing your “magic” during your customer meetings or with strategic connections should be activated and exercised now behind of your laptop screen, having kids and pets around. You feel a little bit tired because of over communication these days, however you still have your dreams, your vision about your next level.

So how your personal brand can shine during pandemic? Here are my tips, I hope this will be helpful for you:

  1. Do not find comfort in your current job title, individual & team performance. No job is safe these days! Be alert and re-create your personal brand plan for this specific challenging time! Set a 1:1 meeting with yourself as soon as possible and define your action plan!
  2. Redefine your career objective – is the next level changed for you? What’s the new vision? Which are your “advocates”? What about your resources? How can you adapt your online communication to bring constant value and to serve your personal brand mission?
  3. Make an inventory of your strengths, achievements & victories in crisis situation. This is who you really are! Extract from your memory the right examples and powerful stories that can bring value to your online meetings. Use them! Lead from a point of strength not from a point of vulnerability!
  4. Chase the opportunity rather than complaining about the context!
  5. Reconnect with your boss and set non operational calls, calls where you can present new ideas, opportunities that can support the business and help the bigger picture! Check from time to time how he/she perceives you because the last thing you want with online communication – is a perception gap!
  6. Show more empathy with your customers, partners, team members during online calls!
  7. Get involved in community! Leaders today are more engaged in projects who can serve multiple stakeholders!
  8. Do not forget to offer your constant support to your strategic network! Identify your contacts challenges and ways you can support them.
  9. Create specific content for your online community based on their current needs! Play a good ambassador role for your company!
  10. If all the above are difficult for you, engage in a mentoring process, this will keep your focus and will help you act from a point of strength.

No matter the context, remember you are the best advocate of your personal brand and there is no excuse for inaction! Show the world what value can you generate, what changes can you initiate, what transformation can you inspire! Be yourself!

Data articol: 26 May 2020
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